When a Man Is Always Busy With His Job | The True Meaning

“ What is the real meaning if he is busy with his work?”

Doeshe often tell you that he's busy with his job and can't spend his time with you? You might ask if he's really busy or is he just avoiding you. Many women assume that the man is coming across another woman or maybe even he is a playboy. Or maybe it could be that he was indeed busy as what he was telling. If she tries to keep contact with you, despite all her busyness, there is a possibility she said honestly. But if she disappears for a few days and doesn't answer the phone or text from you, it's possible she's coming across another woman.

Sometimesmen with origin are very busy with their work because they don't dare to make you sad. Therefore, he does not want to hurt your feelings.

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Apa makna sebenarnya jika dia tengah sibuk dengan pekerjaannya?

Ifthat's the case, ask him to tell you the truth and don't feel heartache if it turns out that your feelings of love are not shared with him. There are still many other men out there waiting for you. He's probably just the kind of guy who can't let anyone else down or he indeed doesn't know what he really wants.

Whenhe tells you that he is very busy with his work, this may be because he is “not very interested in you”. You must be brave to leave it and that you are heading to a better life. Stay calm and be friendly. Maybe the two of you can still be best friends. Just because the two of you don't fit in a relationship, doesn't mean you're also not fit to be best friends.

Ifshe feels agitated and is fond of other women, she will often tell you that she is too busy with her work and can't spend her time with you. This gives her a chance. She may fear commitment and would prefer to date first before setting a choice. You can choose to accept her treatment and date the same as she catakana before she is ready to make a commitment. If this is the case, he would be more happy to establish a whole relationship with you than to make you confused waiting for him to call or just come to see.

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